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1916 Rising Dublin

Ireland Tours

Following the split in the Irish Volunteer movement which was caused by the decision to support Britain in the Great War by enlisting, in the hope that the Home Rule Bill would be activated at war's end, a minority group within the minority which had split, staged a Rising in 1916. They decided that "England's difficulty was Ireland's opportunity" and that with German help they would 'awaken Ireland's soul' and achieve a separation from Britain. (The majority of the Volunteers who were to enlist in the British army became known as the National Volunteers).
The Rising was doomed to failure for many reasons:
1. The mobilization order was canceled when the Volunteer leadership discovered the plan.
2. The German arms shipment was scuttled when arrested by the Royal Navy
3. The vast majority of people regard this action as lunacy and betrayal
However a series of incidents took place that fanned the spark of rebellion.
1. The protracted executions of the leadership of the Rising led to a change of heart among many people.
2. The internment of so many Irish people caused much resentment.
3. The attempted introduction of conscription to a country who had supplied so many soldiers to the British Army was very much resented. Nearly quarter of a million Irishmen were in the British Army and the Catholic Church and the Independence movement were adamantly against this move.
a result history now views the 1916 Rising as being the catalyst which brought about Independence in the Republic.

The Tours, available on order, are structured as follows:

1916 Tour. Visit the main sites on foot

Mount St. Battle Visit where the Sherwood Forresters fell

Kilmainham Jail. See where the leaders were jailed and executed.

Arbour Hill. Where the 1916 Leaders are buried

Collins Barracks Museum. The Military Museum Section

Glasnevin Cemetery. Where the 'Who's Who" of the revolutionary period are buried.

Dublin Castle. The former seat of British administration in Ireland.

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